I am a twenty year old currently in school studying neuroscience. I grew up in a small suburban town with what others would call “a perfect family”. As a child, I lived quite a privileged life. With a close family and all financial needs met, I really had no reason to complain.

With the so called “perfect” life others told me I had, I felt increasing pressure to live up to an unrealistic ideal. My eating disorder thrived in this environment when it began about five years ago. What started as an innocent diet to “get in shape” and fit in with my peers, soon became a life-threatening mental illness that I would not wish upon anyone.

After years of treatment, I am finally at a place where my eating disorder behaviors have depressed. I made a commitment to myself that all actions I take will be in direct rebellion to what the eating disorder voice in my head wants me to do. Throughout my recovery journey, I continue to gain and grow throughout all aspects of my life.